Aloe maculata ‘Tiger Aloe’


Aloe maculata  commonly known as the ‘Tiger Aloe’ due to it’s broad striped leaves is a compact very ornamental succulent from South Africa once named Aloe saponaria or the ‘Soap Aloe’ due to the thick sap which once added to water takes on a soapy consistency. For us plant lovers this Aloe is easy to care for although not fully hardy it can cope with chilly but not freezing temperatures as such making it perfect for container cultivation where it can be brought undercover during the winter months or grown year round in a cool glasshouse or conservatory. Produces a distinct flat topped flower spike holding a dozen or so trumpet shaped orange or reddish flowers. like the well known Aloe vera the sap from Aloe maculata is widely used medicinally as a skin treatment. Easy to grow reaching between 30-60cm making an easy to manage architectural specimen enjoying a sunny position.

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