Melocactus matanzanus

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Melocactus matanzanus – what a name!  This remarkable cactus, otherwise known as ‘Turks Cap Cactus’ is a wonderfully quirky and unusual addition to our ever increasing collection at Big Plant Nursery.  Forming a beautifully glaucous blue-green ridged dome with a fuzzy round structure which forms at the top of the plant.  This is known as the ‘cephalium’ and it’s very important since it is here that the flower buds will form.  

Flowers are a fabulous vibrant pink and followed by shiny pale pink seed heads.  As the plant grows older, the cephalium swells and gets broader and taller forming a fluffy mound with small red barbs.  

As with all cacti, Melocactus will appreciate a warm and bright environment.  Keep on the dry side during winter and in warmer months we recommend fortnightly feeding with Cactus Focus – available on our Sundries section.  


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