Kalopanax septemlobus


Eventual Plant Size


Kalopanax septemlobus sometimes known as the tree aralia or castor aralia is super jungly exotic looking Asian tree with outrageous spiky trunks and branches and lush large palmate leaves. I first saw this plant growing in. a plant collectors garden in Holland as was taken by its supremely lush appearance and ferocoius looking trunk growing amongst Trachycarpus palms and tall bamboos the Kalopanax septemlobus looked fabulous. Despite it’s tropical appearance Kalopanax septemlobus is very hardy and easy to grow, a rare attribute among many exotic looking plants.

I’ve not seen myself but am assured the tiny white flowers are produced in dainty sprays during mid summer followered by black seed pods holding 2 seeds.

Fortunately a freind has secured seed from a West Country garden and we are now able to offer young plants of this fabulous plant.


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