Akebia quinata

Chocolate Vine


Eventual Plant Size


Akebia quinata, the Chocolate Vine, is a beautiful semi-evergreen climber. Attractive dark green leaves with a blue-green underside, purple tinged in winter. ‘Chocolate fragrant’ racemes of purple flowers which after a good summer can be followed by large pink fruit (not edible). Fast growing and so ideal for covering a fence or trellis quickly. Will grow best in full sun and free draining soil; keep well watered until established.

  • Position:Full sun to part shade out of cold, drying winds - especially coastal winds.
  • Soil:All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas very dry soils will need extra watering.
  • Eventual Size:Up to 5 metres, but can be pruned.
  • Habit:Climbing.
  • Foliage:Semi-evergreen.


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