Hypolepis dicksonioides

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Hypolepis dicksonioides is a very exciting fast growing giant fern growing to over 2 metres high in just a couple of years. The emerging croziers are much like it’s namesake, the tree ferns of the family Dicksonia, where Hypolepis dicksonioides differs is that the base of the fern remains below ground with the rapid hieght being made up by the sturdy stems holding the feathery classic fern like leaves. Originating from Australasia and parts of South East Asia this fern is an opportunistic coloniser of bare ground hence its incredible fast growth in the race for light amongst other plants. I think if like me you love all things jungly this fern will become a very popular addition to the exotic garden, probably not fully hardy unless grown in a very mild garden I’d recommend growing in a large container until you have an offset to try throught the year, who knows it may well adapt to a sheltered spot, it certainly seems happy outside thoughout late spring until late autumn here. Still very rare in cultivation the plants we offer are in limited supply and are all home grown by ourselves.

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1 review for Hypolepis dicksonioides

  1. Paul Bentley (verified owner)

    Received this plant today at a good size and in good healthy lush growth cant wait to see it at its full potential. Easy speedy delivery as normal. Many thanks

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