Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’


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Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ is one of our favourite Miscanthus growing between 120-160cm high with narrow pale green variegated with cream leaves and an upright foutainous habit it makes a statement wherever it is planted. Ideally suited as a focal planting looking spectacular amongst other grasses and flowering herbaceous plants. After hot summers plumes of tiny crimsom red feathery flowers are produced which gradually ripen into silvery seeds. One of the last Miscanthus to loose it’s leaf colour in autumn too.

Miscanthus grasses are versatile plants suitable for a wide range of conditions, being tolerant of sun, dry soils, and coastal conditions making them easy to grow low maiantenance plants. I recommend cutting them down to 15cm or so each March just before the spring growth appears, ideally top dressing with a general fertiliser and compost mulch at the same time.

  • Common Names:Eulalia 'Morning Light'.


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