Triarrhena lutarioriparia

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Triarrhena lutarioriparia is a very ornamental giant grass from central China probably to tallest fastest growing grass we have ever seen, capable of reaching 7 metres high in just one summer this is not a plant for the faint hearted. The canes mature in mid summer turning pale green flushed with purple, looking stunning especially if the lower leaves are removed. Rather surprisingly each cane dies in winter and the whole process starts again in spring when the new growth appears and the rapid growth process continues. I’d recommend cutting back all above ground growth in late winter just before new growth starts for the sake of tidiness, I’m sure you will find uses for the cut canes samewhere around the garden. As yet very rare in the U.K Triarrhena lutarioriparia despite it’s hideous name which I’m sure I’ll never pronounce correctly let alone spell is set to become very popular amongst lovers of rare and unusual plants let alone those fascinated with fast growth and giant size of this grass.

Trialled here at Big Plant Nursery Triarrhena lutarioriparia has proved hardy, coping well with late frosts and our wet winters reputedly hardy to at least -19 ℃ in it’s native China we’d recommend a fertile soil and a generous autumn mulch of organic compost to keep the grown snug.

A word of warning as with many beautiful plants there is often a problem, well from the way it has been growing here I would suggest the use of a root barrier, lots of space or growing in a container should be considered as it may well be quite a spreader despite dying down to the ground each year the roots have the potential to be invasive.

Just a little note, if you are buying this plant online we will cut back the canes to 120cm if they are higher than this at the time of ordering. This will not harm the plant it just means we can package it safetly and cost effectively.

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  1. bbyersuk (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in great condition and started to grow within a week. I have put it in a large tub. Thank you for another great addition to the garden, well worth the money.

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