Brahea armata



Brahea armata the fabulous ‘Mexican Blue Palm’ is a spectacular palm similar in shape and habit to Trachycarpus fortunei but differing but being even chunkier with slightly larger stiff blueish grey leaves. Despite originating from Mexico, Brahea armata shows remarkable hardiness, the first time I saw a large specimen well over 60 years old was in a courtyard garden in Tuscany where obviously the summers are hot but equally the winters can be very cold and wet giving hope to cultivation here in the U.K. Well that was a lifetime ago and I’m happy to report that yes Brahea armata will survive outdoors in our climate proved it is given a sheltered sunny hot position in fertile but free draining soil and be prepared to protect it from the worst of the winter with a cosy fleece jacket should snow and ice be around. A lot is said about how hardy these palms are tolerating temperatures well below freezing and yes this is true but only for short periods and generally in climates where the day temperature rise well above freezing during the day so please take my advice and wrap your precious palm unless you live in a very special micro-climate either urban or coastal, there is a beautiful specimen on the coast protected from the wind in a garden near our nursery that to my knowledge has never been protected, but you have been warned.

In summary a spectacular slow growing single trunked palm for mild micro-climates and sunny spots.

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