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Agave horrida is a variable agave and open to much debate and confusion amongst growers it is generally accepted that Agave horrida is a compact deep green agave with short leaves edged with pale almost papery spines. The leeave may be flat or deeply curved. The form we have here is sometimes known as Agave horrida ‘Compacta’ in the trade but this is not a confirmed botanical name. One thing for sure is that this agave is very attractive if you like the brutal look, perfact as a container specimen readily producing offsets filling the pot with ferocious leaves and thorny spines. We have grown this particular form for many years and have found it easy to grow, tolerant of heat and drought and happy in a unheated glasshouse if kept really dry. I’ve not tried it outdoors through the winter and guess it would need to be kept very dry and above minus 1 or 2 to survive.


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