Agave geminiflora


A truly spectacular Agave, native to Mexico and only found growing wild in a very lmited area.  This is a dwar fspecied with a wonderfully compact habit.  Leaves are long and thin and on appearance you may be forgiven for confusing Agave geminiflora with a Yucca or Dasylirion.  Arranged in a tight rosette, the thin leaves are deep green.  Although pointed, they unusually do not have spined edges making this Agave a little less ferocious.  The fascination continues as the edges of the leaves produce white fibrous strands which resemble frayed cotton.

Plant in a sunny position in very well drained soil, or plant in a container.  Agave geminiflora is hardy in coastal locations and may cope with temperatures down to around -5.  In cooler areas be sure to move it into a warmer location during the winter months.  Agave do not like to be soggy so make sure they aren’t over-watered or sitting in water.

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