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Agave ovatifolium better known as the Whales Tongue Agave is a spectacular medium sized agave originating from arid zones of Southern United States and Mexico. With broad grey – green leaves edged and tipped with dark purplish thorns and spikes Agave ovatifolium is highly ornamental and architectural. Capable of reaching 150cm high and wide whilst tolerating heavy frosts and freezing conditions when dry, this agave is well worth trying year-round outdoors in milder parts of the U.K.  The Whales Tongue agave is also reasonably fast growing, rapidly developing into a spectacular specimen, given free draining soil with preferably a deep gravel mulch to rest on. In colder regions grow your agave in a container where it can be moved to safety during the worst of winter.

To summarise, Agave ovatifolium is characterised by its very broad glaucous grey leaves, dark purple-black spines and very compact symmetrical growth. One of my favourites.


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