Opuntia humifusa

Prickly Pear



A spectacular cactus which we’re excited to be able to offer for sale. Don’t be put off by the term ‘cactus’, Opuntia humifusa is easy to grow, seriously tough and will tolerate wetter and colder situations making it ideal for the UK climate. Opuntia humifusa, sometimes known as ‘Prickly Pear’, develops into fascinating prostrate, small clumps and you can expect a beautiful display of vivid-yellow flowers during early summer. These are followed by the ‘prickly pears’ which with turn from green to yellow, to purple. The large ‘pads’, known as cladodes, are covered in outrageous spines. Both pads and pears are edible and have been described as tasing a little like green beans – probably best to stick to the green beans and savour the appearance of this wonderfully exotic Opuntia! During the winter months you can expect Opuntia humifusa to take on shades of purple and shrivel up a little, fear not however, once spring arrives it will quickly pick up pace becoming plumper and producing lots of amazing new ‘pads’. Opuntia humifusa requires a sunny position in free-draining soil. Sturdy gloves are recommended for handling the plant!

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