Yucca gloriosa

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A favourite at Big Plant Nursery.  Yucca gloriosa is outrageously architectural with glaucus green-blue sword shaped leaves with the characteristic spike at the tips….ouch but wow – what a plant.

Excellent on the coast, sunny hot borders or in containers, Yucca gloriosa will give year round interest; apart from thge fabulous jagged foliage, flowers will form on long thick stems.  The creamy-white flowers hang elegantly in bell shapes and in abundance creating quite a show.

Plant your Yucca in full sun in free draining soil and be careful not to over-water.  This is a low maintenence plant and any old/tatty leaves may be snipped off at the base if necessary – exercise caution when planting and tidying up.  The spikes are ferocious….but amazing all the same.


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