Dendrocalamus asper


Dendrocalamus asper is one of the giant Asian Bamboos found growing throughout tropical regions where Dendrocalamus asper grows best at altitudes between 400 and 500 meters where light frosts are possible, occasionally cold down to minus four.  In the wild, heights of up to 30 meters are possible with culm diameters of up to 2cm.  Highly ornamental at all stages of growth and quick to become an impressive specimen.  If you love Bamboo, this Dendrocalamus is a worthy and fun plant to grow.  Although not strictly hardy in the UK, it’s worth trying wherever you have a very mild micro-climate or grown in a conservatory of glasshouse as an ornamental container plant.  Obviously it won’t grow to be huge in the UK but will still make an impressive plant and talking point.

Eventual Plant Size

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