Thalia dealbata

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Thalia dealbata known as the alligator flag in it’s native southern states of North America which hopefully means you won’t be getting alligators any time soon in your jungle border. I grow this plant much as you would a canna or dahlia planting in rich moisture retentive soil and either lifting or protecting with mulch during the cooler months. You may also grow Thalia as a marginal plant where it is happy to stand in water submerged up to the base of the leaves. Whatever you decide the alligator flag is a fabulous architectural foliage plant growing up to 2 metres high which in late summer produces tall spikes of small purple flowers. The flowers are slightly sinister as during pollination they occasionally trap unfortunate insects and slowly devour them gaining useful nutrients as they do so.

Plant in a jungle setting for exotic effect, easy and fast growing.


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