Solanum laciniatum

Kangaroo Apple


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Solanum laciniatum is a lovely fast growing, evergreen, New Zealand shrub with showy often 3 pronged deep green leaves. Clusters of violet blue trumpet shaped flowers are produced over a long period from summer to autumn, followed by bright orange pheasant’s egg like fruits which hang in bunches from the branches right into early winter. Solanum laciniatum can reach up to 2 or more metres in one season especially when given a sunny position and well-drained soil. Hardy in milder locations, this small shrub may stay in the ground but in colder areas, cuttings should be taken and grown on for the following year.

A fantastic jungly exotic foliage and flowering plant known in New Zealand as the Kangaroo apple. It’s worth noting that although the ripe fruits are edible though not what I’d call tasty all other parts of the plant are poisonous including the unripe fruits.



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