Amicia zygomeris


Amicia zygomeris is another rare treat which we’re delighted to be able to offer for sale at Big Plant Nursery.  Amicia is a wonderfully architectural tall growing perennial reaching up to 2m in height, this is a must-have addition to any exotic garden and will tolerate full sun or partial shade. 

Somewhat unusual in appearance, Amicia zygomeris has exquisite foliage composed of two heart shaped leaflets placed upon purple bracts.  These fold downwards at night time before rising again the next day.  Plant enthusiasts and collectors will not be surprised to learn that this Mexican native is a legume, owing to the pea-like yellow flowers, displayed in racemes of 3-10, which appear during early to mid autumn.  

Amicia zygoneris requires a fertile and well drained soil and can withstand temperatures down to around minus ten.  In colder areas it may be grown in a container and staged within a border during the warmer months.  During a harsh winter/frosts, the plant may experience stem die-back however it will generate new growth from the base during spring.  Will thrive in a sheltered position.  

A fabulous new addition to our collection and I think essential for fans of hardy exotics.  

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