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Citrus junos ‘John Lemon’ (Yuzu)


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Everyone is talking about Yuzu at the moment and with good reason.  Citrus junos ‘John Lemon’ is a new addition to our selection of citrus at Big Plant Nursery and it’s proving to be very popular.  This wonderful Japanese citrus fruit is prized for its distinctive lemon-mandarin intesnse flavour and is increasingly being used in all sorts of fabulous culinary delights!

Rich green foliage is held upon deep green thorny stems and during spring and summer wonderfully fragrant white flowers emerge which are followed by small round ‘Yuzu’ fruits.  The ‘Yuzu’ has a curious uneaven surface and is, as you would expect a zesty shade of intense yellow once reaching maturity.  The zest is particularly useful in cooking.

Citrus junos ‘John Lemon’ (Yuzu) needs to be protected from the cold during winter so we recommend it to be grown in a container.  It makes an excellent conservatory plant and requires a bright, sheltered position and should be kept moist but not overwatered.

We should also make mention of the name ‘John Lemon’.  I don’t know what to say but – it’s cute and made us smile!

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