Lavandula x intermedia ‘Phenomenal’


For me Lavandula ‘Phenomenal’ is an exciting find.  We first started growing this Lavender a few years ago and were very quickly struck by its strong habit, deep silvery leaves and then as the flower stems appeared they were robust, didn’t flop over and ultimately produced larger deep blue flowers.  Consequently in my garden this has replaced almost all other Lavenders and has become a must-have plant.

Slightly taller than my other favourable Lavender, ‘Hidcote’ and when mature can be over 60cm high so if space is limited, ‘Hidcote’ may be a better bet but for me, I’m happy to accommodate ‘Phenomenal’.

It does also have the ability to have a second flush of flowers later in the season if you prune back the fading early summer blooms.  Perfect if you like to collect bunches of fragrant stems for hanging indoors, the strong stems being perfect for harvesting.

Like all Lavender, plant in full sun in free draining soil – if like me you have clay soil, add lots of organic matter to improve soil structure and encourage works to aerate the soil naturally.

Eventual Plant Size

Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only, depending on the season or time of year the plant you receive may be different than pictured.


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