Pseudopanax lessonii ‘Dark Star’

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Pseudopanax lessonii ‘Dark Star’ is a fabulous new addition to our collection – wonderfully architectural and another awesome  member of the Araliacae family. Originating from New Zealand, the thick, leathery leaves are deep green with lime-green central veins, maturing to dark purple-green.

‘Dark Star’ will form an excellent medium-large shrub and can be clipped back if necessary.  The leaves are trifoliate with subtly toothed edges, held on upright bronze-green stems.  Flowers will form during a warm summer and resemble those of Schefflera or Fatsia which are in the same family – they are equally as popular with bees and birds will enjoy the berries that follow.  Said to be hardy down to around -5, Pseudopanax lessonii ‘Dark Star’ requires a sunny or dappled shade position and may need some winter protection in colder parts, on the south coast and in warmer areas or the UK it has thrived perfectly well outside.  It will cope well if grown in a container and could be moved into a glasshouse or conservatory during winter months if necessary.

As with all Pseudopanax and most members of the Araliacae family, free draining and fertile soil is essential and overwatering should be avoided.  Plants will benefit from occasional feeding and once established require little maintenance other than occasional pruning.


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