Vasconcellea x heilbornii

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The Mountain Papaya or Babaco is a South American small shrub-like tree grown for its tasty papaya like fruits which can be up to 2 kilos in weight.  Tasting apparently like a juicy cross between strawberry and pineapple.

What I like too is its jungly appearance with generally straight upright stems holding both the fruit and large 3 pronged leaves.  Hardy enough to be grown outside during the summer months, the Mountain Papaya is the hardiest member of this exotic family tolerating cool conditions as long as it remains frost free.

Another bonus is that the fruits are produced early on in its life, often on stems no more than 90cm high.  Happy in a container, rarely growing more than 2m tall making it easy to acommodate during winter in a cool conservatory, glasshouse or sunny room.  Very exotic, jungly, edible and easy!

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1 review for Vasconcellea x heilbornii

  1. dooks

    it gave me rash on my bottom

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