Acacia pravissima

Oven's Wattle


Acacia pravissima is a completely whacky and remarkable member of the Mimosaceae family. One can expect a breath-taking abundance of bright yellow flowers in the form of tiny pom-poms. These flowers usually form during late summer and sit on the tree through winter before erupting into a sweetly fragranced display during spring. The foliage is another matter entirely – evergreen but with a weeping habit, it is difficult to know how to describe the tiny triangular leaflets (Phyllodes) which are an unusual grey-green hue and sit flat on the branches.

Plant in an open, sunny position in free draining soil and ideally sheltered from prevailing winds. Acacia pravissima is a a beautiful little tree which is ideal for small gardens. It can be shaped a little if desired. If pruning, be sure to do so immediately after flowering to ensure an abundance of flowers the following season.

Of all the Acacias this is one of the most robust and is by all accounts hardy down to around -7 degrees and mostly seen in coastal and milder areas. These plants are cultivated from seeds taken from a specimen in Rustington, West Sussex. We would anticipate flowering within 3 years or so.

  • Position:Full sun, sheltered.
  • Soil:All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas very dry soils will need extra watering.
  • Eventual Size:Up to 5 metres, but can be pruned.
  • Habit:Fast growing, evergreen with open frothy habit.
  • Foliage:Evergreen.
  • Hardyness:Hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK.
  • Common Names:Mimosa, Oven's Wattle

Eventual Plant Size

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