Albizia julibrissin ‘Ombrella’

Silk Tree

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Ombrella or Mimosa Tree is a fast growing, small deciduous tree or large shrub who blooms with large pale pink flower clusters and long silky stamens in July/August. It is common in Mediterranean gardens in Southern Europe, but also grows a lot in South America and Asia. In this last continent the Chinese call it the “tree of happiness”, because of its beautiful blooms and beautiful leaves. Ombrella needs a sheltered, warm place. Most realiable form for growing in the UK garden and makes small tree or large domed shaped shrub. Can be pruned and kept happy within the height range of 2m – 4m if necessary, making it ideal for courtyard gardens

  • Common Names:Silk Tree.

1 review for Albizia julibrissin ‘Ombrella’

  1. Big Plant Customer

    Tree was not as bad to get through the house as we thought! So happy! Thankyou everyone for all your help. What a fantastic bunch of guys…. in a fantastic nursery!!

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