Asplenium trichomanes

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The Maidenhair Spleenwort is a really dainty, hardy British native fern with simple, black-ribbed pinnate leaves to around 20cm long.  Each spring, complete rosettes of leaves are produceden masse often 12-20 leaves at a time emerging a beautiful limey-green.

In the wild, Asplenium trichomanes can be found growing amongst limestone rocky outcrops often in quite dry, bright positions.  In essense, a super little hardy fern suitable for a wide range of conditions, tolerant of alkaline soils and more drought and sun than most.

I grow ours in a fertile, moist compost positioned in dappled shade where to me, they perform best, producing relatively large clumps of up to 30cm in diameter.  Easy.

1 review for Asplenium trichomanes

  1. Joanne Kennelly

    Just received my Asplenium trichomanestoday and I am absolutely thrilled! Lovely plant and packaged really well. They were particularly helpful on the phone when I called them too. Would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you!

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