Coniogramme emeiensis

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Coniogramme emeiensis, the fabulous bamboo fern originating from the slopes of Mount Emei in China this uncommon fern is just becoming one of the most sought after ferns for lovers of exotic plants. With the most attractive almost variegated leaves held on robust stems up to 60 cm high. I’ve lusted over this plant for a few years and have been growing it for just 18 months during which time I’ve been impressed by it’s rapid growth and spreading nature. Reported to be tolerant frost and freezing conditions in it’s native China, something we honestly can’t vouch for yet, they are far to precious to us right now, you will know what I mean if you buy one, so I would recommend a sheltered shady spot in fertile rich moisture retentive soil and be prepared to protect your bamboo fern if the weather gets extreme. At least until Coniogramme emeiensis has been grown here long enough for us to understand fully how hardy/tender it really is. Ours are grown in a  unheated shady glasshouse have remained evergreen throughout looking fabulous whilst growing faster than many of our other ferns at Big Plant Nursery. I will keep you posted as to how our outdoor planted specimens survive next winter.

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1 review for Coniogramme emeiensis

  1. Alison (verified owner)

    Love this coniongramme emeiensis – bought mine last summer. It was outside over winter (wrapped in fleece) in my London garden and has survived perfectly – new fronds are unfurling.

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