Dicksonia fibrosa

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Dicksonia fibrosa, the golden tree fern or as I prefer the wheki-ponga is another rarely seen tree fern from northern New Zealand very similar to it’s cousin Dicksonia antarctica. Growing in a diverse range of habitats often high into the mountains the golden tree fern is very adaptable. Although not as hardy as its cousin it is still able to withstand frost down to at least minus 6 celsius so should be suitable for milder parts of the U.K given a little protection in colder winters. it is a chunky quiet compact tree fern producing a broad spongy trunk up to around 2 metres high topped with fronds around 150cm long. Very suitable for smaller gardens or where space is limited Dicksonia fibrosa shows more tendency to remain evergreen and is quiet tolerant of sun given adequate moisture.

In essence the wheki-ponga is much like a compact version of Dicksonia antartica in some ways more robust and suitable for gardens here being more tolerant of exposure and only slightly less hardy. 


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