Dryopteris lepidopoda

Sunset Fern


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Known as the ‘Sunset Fern’ for good reason with its fabulous orange and burnt umber tones to the new growth.  Relatively compact and lower growing than many ferns.  Here at Big Plant Nursery we have taken an instant liking to this compact, pretty much evergreen fern from mountainous shady glades throughout China, the Himalayas through to Taiwan.  

Perfering, like all ferns fertile humus rich moist but free-draining soils, Dryopteris lepidipoda really is a fern suitable for mass planting, complementing Japanese Maples or Chusan Palms perfectly as lush exotic ground cover.

Hardy in most parts fdorming clumps of 40cm or so in diameter and producing its attractive new leaves from April to mid August.  

Definitely one of the better garden-worthy ferns available to UK gardeners.  

  • Common name: Sunset fern.
  • Eventual Size:70cm x 60cm.
  • Position:
  • Foliage: Semi-evergreen.


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