Agapanthus ‘Sea Coral’


Agapanthus ‘Sea Coral’ is a relatively new introduction of the popular ‘Nile Lily’ with a very neat habit producing masses of fairly narrow lush green leaves forming attractive mounds up to 30-40cm high. During mid summer very dainty almost flat topped flower heads are produced around 60cm above the leaves. The flowers themselves are a pale white with a hint of lilac to the outer petal edge which as it ages becomes pink tinged, quite beautiful.

Agapanthus ‘Sea Coral’ is a smaller, dainty Agapanthus perfect when planted amongst companion plants such as grasses, herbs even succulents and would lend itself too to container cultivation. Like all Agapanthus loves the sun is tolerant of wind and coastal conditions but dislikes waterlogging and prolonged freezing conditions. In cold regions it is probably best to give some winter protection.

The plant in the image obviously has a flower, whilst we will do our best to send one like this it may be too late or to early for us to do this. The plant however will be super healthy and in the pot size stated.

Eventual Plant Size

Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only, depending on the season or time of year the plant you receive may be different than pictured.


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