Astelia nervosa ‘Red Shadow’


Astelia chathamica ‘Red Shadow’ is a superb silvery red leaved phormium-like plant from New Zealand   ‘Red Shadow’ is a particularly interesting recent introduction form with deep spear-shaped silver, red felty leaves which when fully mature can reach up to a 50cm long.  In the wild, Astelias are often epiphytes growing in nooks and crannies amongst the branches of trees.

So, with that in mind, Astelias do best planted in humous rich free draining soil.  Unusually for a silver-leaved plant, Astelia chathamica ‘Red Shadow’ is happy planted in dappled shade, tolerating sun if kept moist.

I grow mine under evergreen trees where they happily flourish and look spectacular amongst ferns and low growing evergreens.

Eventual Plant Size

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