Chamaerops humilis ‘Cerifera’

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Chamaerops humilis var. ‘Cerifera’ is a beautiful dwarf growing blue-leaved fan palm originating from the high Atlas mountains in Morocco where it endures both heat and extreme cold. Years ago whilst travelling through Morocco I drove through the mountains in search of this beautiful palm, scouring the steep slopes we wound ever higher when eventually the sight of bluey grey drifts like leftover snow thawing in the spring, appeared on mass in the distance. After a bit of trekking, when amongst the palms it was clear they were very dense, compact and suffering quite badly from goat grazing, most surprising of all was how high up they actually were – really very close to the winter snow lines.  I’ve grown this palm in West Sussex for close on 30 years during which time it’s been outside unprotected in all weathers remaining healthy and undamaged by the weather.  Fortunately I dont have goats so the palm has grown unhindered but is still less than 120cm high, just bushy and beautiful.  We therefore consider Chamaerops humilis var. ‘Cerifera’ to be amongst one of the best hardy palms suitable for growing in a UK climate. Compact and demanding little more than a sunny position and relatively free draining soil.  It will be happy throughout the seasons, always looking good.  The blue colour is enhanced by the intensity of the summer sun.  Due to its dense habit and growth it is a great candidate for long term container cultivation.

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1 review for Chamaerops humilis ‘Cerifera’

  1. KeithL

    Once again a fabulous palm (75L) in superb condition! A big thank you to Andrew for his care and help with the delivery.

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