Beschorneria albiflora



A wonderfully exotic member of the Agave family which as you may have gathered – we absolutely love!  Native to Mexico this Beschorneria is unusual in that with age, it will form a trunk.

Beschorneria albiflora will produce striking spear-shaped deep green, arching leaves arranged in a rosette.  During the summer an outrageous flower spike may form with long deep-red stems held abover the foliage.  These are covered in extraordinary light green and red tinted long bell-shaped flowers.

This is an excellent addition to milder gardens and will appreciate a warm sheltered position where it will thrive.  Plant in free-draining soil or a container.  Beschorneria albiflora requires very little attention once established.  If you’re a perfectionist you can snip off any tatty leaves if required.

Be careful not to overwater and during colder months ensure that this fabulous plant doesn’t suffer extreme wet and cold conditions and provide a little protection if reqired.

Beschorneria albiflora will look fabulous planted amongst other exotic favourites which of course we have in abundance at Big Plant.

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