Aloe polyphylla

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Aloe polyphylla, commonly known as the ‘Spiral Aloe’ is one of those evergreen succulents that once seen is never forgotten.  As its name suggests, Aloe polyphylla forms incredible spiralling rosettes of leaves, never producing a stem, the rosettes are tightly held to the ground and as such is valued amongst plant collectors throughout the world.  From the high Drakensberg mountains of South Africa, where often the winters are grey and chilly, occasionally snowy, the ‘Spiral Aloe’ has evolved to shrug off cold and even snowy winters with ease and as such is an amazing candidate for gardeners here.

Rarely producing offsets and slow to propagate from seed, it is always sought after and difficult to find.

We recommend planting your Aloe polyphylla in a bright position in free-draining gritty soil where after a few years the spiralling with become more pronounced.  After many years, if you’re lucky a stout flower spike will be produced bearing multiple heads of red hot poker like, brick-red flowers.


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