Colocasia ‘Sangria’


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Colocasia ‘Sangria’ is another fabulous introduction to the family of ‘Elephant Ears’ with deep green leaves and wonderful red-purple veins and stems which contrast brilliantly. Fast growing and compact in habit this colocasia is related to the variety ‘Pink China’ already well respected as suitable for growing in cooler climes. Colocasia ‘Sangria’ is generally a compact grower producing masses of heart shaped leaves up to 40cm long. Like all colocasia will need winter protection or if grown in a container brought into a frost free environment during the colder months.

For me I plant colocasia outside once the danger of frost has passed in very rich soil to which plenty of composted horse manure as been added. Keep well watered and feed generously during the summer. In late autumn I dig up my plants and pot them up, keeping them on the dry side throughout the winter until growth starts in spring.


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