Kalanchoe thyrsiflora ‘Red Lips’


Sounds saucy!  You’ve got to love some of these plant names….saucy or not Kalanchoe ‘Red Lips’ is an extraordinary, vibrant succulent with fleshy, paddle-like green leaves with striking red colouring on the tips when exposed to sun, hence the name.  Will form a dense rosette of smooth fleshy leaves and may send up spikes of cylindrical bright yellow flowers when mature.  Another excellent choice for a conservatory or as a houseplant in a bright room, coupled with other cacti and succulents.

Water when compost is dry but be careful not to overwater – like most other succulants overwatering can be fatal.  Generally – easy peasy and an excellent, low maintenance way of adding interest and greenery to your home.  Can be placed outside during hotter months but not in direct sunlight as the heat may scorch the leaves.  

Having an outdoor space with a traditional ‘garden’ isn’t possible for all of us but having a fabulous collection of plants most certainly is – cacti and succulents are an easy way to achieve this in your home, they’re low maintenance and there are so many amazing varieties to choose from.

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