Jubaea chilensis



Jubaea chilensis the well known ‘Chilean Wine Palm’ is perhaps the most revered by collectors palm suitable for cultivation in cooler regions due to it’s remarkable hardiness and adaptability growing very successfully here but unfortunately still rarely available to gardeners. You might ask why this magnificent ‘feather’ palm is not common sight in garden centres and nurseries, well there is a but, as with most highly desirable things there is always a catch and the problem with Jubaea chilensis is that it grows incredibly slowly when young which is surprising given how big the palm can get, 10 plus metres with a girth over 4 metres, but for whatever reason it is painfully slow to get going. This fact alone is enough to deter growers, the economics of producing this palm rarely add up even when grown in mediterranean nurseries. Fortunately there are a few nurserymen out with patience and perhaps nurseries large enough to accommodate a few Jubaea in a quiet corner for years…..

When available we have a few in stock, never small or cheap but always expensive and well, just fabulous, rob a bank, spend the inheritance do what ever it takes you will not regret it you’re probably guessing my thoughts on Jubaea. I’ve had one planted in the garden here in West Sussex for over 15 years, it was planted as a 1 metre high specimen with a chunky giant pineapple like trunk and its now over 3 metres tall and wide, so not so slow once it gets over being a baby. For best results like pretty much every type of palm we grow I like to plant in fertile moisture retentive but NOT waterlogged soils, add lots of good rotted manure or compost to help achieve this adding an annual spring topdressing of pelleted poultry manure with the addition of fortnightly drenches with liquid seaweed fertiliser to aid establishment.

Eventual Plant Size

Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only, depending on the season or time of year the plant you receive may be different than pictured.