Dasylirion serratifolium

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Dasylirion serratifolium is an extraordinary member of the Asparagus family.  It’s bold, dramatic and architectural with long, narrow strap-like leaves which are covered with tiny spines along both sides giving a serrated, jagged appearance.  The glaucous green-blue leaves are arranged in a neat, upright rosette and as the plant matures it develops a stout trunk.

The leaf tips are pale and split slightly at the ends and form a tassle-like appearance.  Dasylirion serratifolium has bags of character.  It may be grown in a container to great effect or planted in very free-draining soil or gravel beds.  It is a particularly useful specimen in coastal gardens where it will stand up to the wind and salt.  Also provide a hot sunny position where your Dasylirion can thrive and allow enough space for it to perform to its full potential – they are capable of reaching 1.5m in height and spread.  In cooler and frost-prone gardens you may need to provide a bit of winter protection or grow in a container to enable moving to a warmer spot for the cold months.

I’m yet to mention the flower – which is outrageous.  It starts a little like a fat tip of asparagus and then continues to shoot upwards….when you think it can’t get any taller – it most certainly does.  Reaching in excess of 15 feet, the flower spikes are adorned with tiny, fuzzy yellow flowers which turn to maroon-brown.

We recommend regular feeding through the growing season – particularly if a flower spike forms.

Older/lower leaves may be clipped off at the base – wear gloves whilst performing this operation!

So there we have it – the fabulous Dasylirion serratifolium – a must have.


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